Baby sterilisers And sterilising equipment for bottles, breast feeding equipment and soothers.

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  • The Milton mini portable soother steriliser allows you to clean and sterilise baby's soothers on the go so you always have a soother ready whenever you need it. The Milton mini portable soother steriliser works in just 15 minutes using the Milton mini sterilising tablets. The adjustable strap on the Milton soother steriliser means you can attach it to...

    € 9.95
  • Milton sterilising tablets are the quick and easy way to sterilise your baby's feeding equipment, particularly when on holiday or away from home. The Milton sterilising tablets will give you sterile products ready to use in only 15 minutes. Milton sterilising tablets kill all bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

    € 2.95
  • Milton solo travel single bottle steriliser can be used as either a microwave steriliser or cold water steriliser. The Milton single bottle steriliser is perfect for travelling and sterilises from just 2 minutes in the microwave where the unique venting technology used by Milton allows faster and better sterilisation and the unique 'lay flat' design means...

    € 13.95
  • Milton combi steriliser can be used as a cold water steriliser or as microwave steriliser. This Milton steriliser can hold 5 baby bottles of any brand and is BPA free. The Milton combi steriliser is designed for ease of use, it can sterilise baby's bottle from 2 minutes in the microwave and 15 minutes with the cold water. 

    € 29.95
  • Dr Browns deluxe electric steriliser safely steam sterilises 6 bottles in 12 minutes. The Dr Browns steriliser has an easy to use one-button operation and it automatically shuts off when the cycle is complete. The removable basket in this baby bottle steriliser makes loading and unloading bottles easy. The accessory tray holds small parts and teats.

    € 99.95
  • The Dr Browns natural flow microwave steam steriliser bags sterilise all the parts of your Dr Browns baby bottle. The Dr Brown microwave steam steriliser bags are ideal for when travelling with baby. Just put them in the microwave, add water and in less than two minutes, you're done!

    € 12.95
  • The Clevamama Soother Tree™ is a compact, fast and simple way to sterilise and store soothers. Using the speed and convenience of your microwave, it is now possible to sterilise up to 6 soothers in just 60 seconds.

    € 9.99
  • The Tommee Tippee Electric Steam Steriliser is stylishly streamlined with a host of brilliant features to make it stand out from the crowd. The sleek and clean-looking oval shape takes up minimal space on the kitchen workbench. There’s a space for everything inside … purpose-built slots for six closer to nature bottles, teats and caps.  

    € 74.95
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  • Tommee Tippee have designed a compact single bottle travel steriliser making it easy to follow the latest advice to give your baby a fresh feed every time. The Tommee Tippee travel steriliser is small enough to pack in a changing bag or keep in your microwave. It is safe to use anytime, anywhere and is suitable for microwave or cold water sterilising.

    € 15.99
  • The Milton cold water steriliser is a specially designed 5-litre container for cold water sterilising. The Milton steriliser has a lockable lid, carry handle, and a weighted grid which keeps items fully submersed in the solution. This cold water steriliser fits all bottles and breastfeeding equipment and keeps them sterile in the solution for 24 hours.

    € 13.95
  • The NUK Vapo Rapid Steam Steriliser disinfects baby bottles, bottle accessories, teething rings, soothers and milk pump parts with a steam heat disinfection – in just 8 minutes and without any use of chemicals.

    € 72.95
  • Avent microwave steam steriliser bags are a clever product that allow you to sterilise on the go. The quick Avent steriliser microwave bags enables you to sterilise baby bottles, breast pumps and other baby products, killing 99.9% of bacteria and germs in 90 seconds. The Avent steriliser bags are reusable; each bag can be used 20 times, you can keep track...

    € 13.99
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