All the essentials for baby to start on solid foods. Including bowls, plates, cutlery.

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  • Gummee link n teethe are beautifully designed shapes consisting of a butterfly, star and mini Gummee Glove, featuring a textured surface for extra sensory play. The brightly coloured Gummee links are the first links to be covered completely by silicone on the outside.

    € 17.95
  • Gummee molar mallet will help get your baby through the painful teething process. The Gummee molar mallet is complete with a clever wobble base that keeps the chewing end off the floor if dropped, you can be sure your little one always has something safe and hygienic to chew on close to hand.

    € 14.95
  • The Nuk easy learning feeding bowl is a high rim baby bowl which lets you take grip and spoon out of baby’s food even more easily. This baby feeding bowl from Nuk is ideal for both preparing baby’s food and feeding baby. The Nuk feeding bowl includes a sealable lid and is BPA free.

    € 7.95
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  • The Nuk easy learning feeding plate is a high rim baby plate which lets you take grip and spoon out of baby’s food even more easily. This feeding plate from Nuk is ideal for both preparing baby’s food and feeding baby. The Nuk baby feeding plate includes a sealable lid and is BPA free.

    € 7.95
  • Nuk thermo rapid baby bottle warmer is a fast and safe way to warm your baby's bottle and also their food to the right temperature in no time at all. The Nuk thermo rapid baby bottle warmer is suitable for all standard baby bottles and baby food jars.

    € 44.95
  • Dreambaby soother holder is great for quickly and securely attaching baby's soother to any item of clothing. Dreambaby soother holder keeps baby's soother from falling from baby's grip, keeping it clean and germ free.

    € 4.95
  • Dreambaby click clack balls teether will make baby's eyes light up as they shake the ring, roll the balls around and listen for the click clack sound. Dreambaby click clack balls teether has a brightly coloured design making it great for baby's development and are suitable from 3 months

    € 3.95
  • Dreambaby heat sensing soft tip spoons help make that messy but magical milestone of baby's first solids much easier, these soft tip baby spoons change colour to let you know when food is too hot. Dreambaby heat sensing soft tip spoons have an easy grip handle and are durable yet flexible so they're gentle on tender gums.

    € 3.95
  • The Annabel Karmel by NUK stackable food pots are perfect for storing fresh baby food. The Nuk stackable food pots clip together and can be stacked in any order making them an ideal storage solution.

    € 7.99
  • The Nuk Annabel Karmel food cube tray is perfect for freezing and storing freshly prepared baby food and because you are able to batch prepare and freeze in the food cube tray you need only cook once or twice a week.

    € 11.99
  • The Annabel Karmel by Nuk masher and bowl makes it quick and easy to prepare fresh baby food. For instant baby food simply mash banana, avocado, peach or pear on its own or with a little milk. The inner ridges of the Nuk Annabel Karmel bowl ensure easy mashing and its compact size is just right for individual baby portions.

    € 6.49
  • The Nuk Annabel Karmel ice lolly set is not only award-winning, its perfect for soothing sore gums when baby's teething. The Nuk Annabel Karmel ice lolly set is easy to hold with handle specifically designed for small hands. The Nuk ice lolly set is great for making fresh fruit lollies from pureed fruit and pure fruit juice.

    € 8.99
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