Bumbo products

Bumbo was created to enable and encourage babies' interest in their environment, which is a crucial element for stimulating brain development, profoundly affects baby's intelligence over the long term. Bumbo is made of moulded polyurethane, the coated surface is hygiene-friendly and easy to clean. Suitable for indoors and outdoors the Bumbo is great on the go.

The Bumbo product was so popular they developed a brand. Other products in the Bumbo range include an attachable play tray for the Bumbo, a toilet trainer, a 'crawl ball', Baby bath and a pushcart, whimsically titled the 'Bumbo Mobile'.

  • With this South African design innovation your baby can enjoy a comfortable upright sitting position from around 4 months . It's been a huge hit with our testers, simply pop the moulded supportive shape on the floor and sit your baby inside. Because the material is soft, her body weight and pressure narrows the gap above her legs slightly so she sits...

    € 39.95