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  • The Gro Egg 2 is a new and improved exclusive version of the bestselling nursery essential. This Gro Egg 2 is a larger and brighter design, making it even easier than before to check your little baby is resting at the correct temperature.

    € 29.95
  • Mamas and Papas Florence rocking horse features a gorgeous floral print body and a lovely lilac back, ensuring she will quickly become one of your child's best friends!

    € 124.95
  • Mamas and Papas Autumn rocking horse is a wonderful prized pony, perfect for your toddler. Autumn is wearing a rosette, tartan saddle and stirrups, and has a gorgeous, long mane and tail. The Mamas and Papas rocking horse is stood on a solid wood frame with hand-grips for added support.

    € 149.95
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  • Sophie the Giraffe - Sophiesticated early learning set is a beautiful gift set that features an original Sophie la girafe and a Sophie la girafe rattle with beads. The Sophie the giraffe early learning set is packaged in a premium gift box to give a contemporary, modern and sophisticated look. This really is the complete first gift set.

    € 19.95 € 21.95
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  • Jumini wooden photo rocket is an unique gift idea for any occasion.  Photos can be inserted into windows of the Jumini wooden rocket, making it a great keepsake for baby’s memories.

    € 16.95
  • The Jumini farm lorry is wonderful for encouraging your child in the areas of role play and sharing with siblings and friends. The Jumini farm lorry has bright colours and happy animals characters.

    € 24.95
  • Jumini stacking owls are great for enhancing your child’s co-ordination and creativity skills. Jumini’s unique stacking owls are a real winner for little ones and help with concentration building, requiring a certain amount of skill with balancing and stacking.

    € 19.95
  • Jumini castle building blocks are perfect for getting your little one’s imagination going and are also fantastic for hand to eye co-ordination skills. The Jumini castle building blocks help with concentration building such as stacking and balancing.

    € 29.95
  • The Buggy Board saddle has been specially designed for the Buggy Board maxi, transforming it from a ride-on board into a seat for young children. The Buggy Board Saddle has been carefully designed to ensure it securely and safely clamps on and off the board, which makes fitting easy. No special tools are needed to fit the Saddle seat onto your existing...

    € 54.95
  • The Taggies petals hedgehog cozy blanket is a luxurious and soft 16" x 16" blanket. This Taggies satin lined blanket has 23 Taggies ribbons and a sweet appliqued monkey. The Taggies petals hedgehog cozy blanket will make a perfect gift for your little one. Taggies cozy blanket is colorful and has silky tags help to soothe baby while the petals hedgehog...

    € 29.95
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  • The Taggies petals hedgehog soft toy is 9 inches tall. The Taggies hedgehog is a soft and colourful toy with embroidered face details. Taggies petals hedgehog soft toy is adorned with the popular looped ribbon tags that babies love to play with. Taggies petals hedgehog soft toy is the perfect size for little hands to hold. The Taggies hedgehog is the...

    € 35.95
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