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  • Mamas and Papas Florence rocking horse features a gorgeous floral print body and a lovely lilac back, ensuring she will quickly become one of your child's best friends!

    € 124.95
  • Mamas and Papas Autumn rocking horse is a wonderful prized pony, perfect for your toddler. Autumn is wearing a rosette, tartan saddle and stirrups, and has a gorgeous, long mane and tail. The Mamas and Papas rocking horse is stood on a solid wood frame with hand-grips for added support.

    € 149.95
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  • The Jumini farm lorry is wonderful for encouraging your child in the areas of role play and sharing with siblings and friends. The Jumini farm lorry has bright colours and happy animals characters.

    € 24.95
  • Jumini stacking owls are great for enhancing your child’s co-ordination and creativity skills. Jumini’s unique stacking owls are a real winner for little ones and help with concentration building, requiring a certain amount of skill with balancing and stacking.

    € 19.95
  • Jumini castle building blocks are perfect for getting your little one’s imagination going and are also fantastic for hand to eye co-ordination skills. The Jumini castle building blocks help with concentration building such as stacking and balancing.

    € 29.95
  • The Fisher Price apptivity case for iPhone and iPod touch lets baby develop and learn while keeping your electronics protected with this durable case for the iPhone or iPod touch. A clear film protects the device screen from dribbles and drool. You can enable or disable the home button on the device to keep baby within the applications. 

    € 15.95
  • The Fisher Price laugh and learn learning keys are babys first set of learning keys. The Fisher Price keys are the perfect size for baby and feature realistic detail and tactile elements. Fisher Price laugh and learn learning keys have 2 modes of play; learning and music, baby can unlock lots of great learning content. 

    € 12.95
  • Fisher Price chatter telephone will keep your little toddler busy chatting and this is a classic roll along pull toy. The Fisher Price Chatter Telephone has a friendly face and eyes that move up and down when the toy is pulled along makes it even more fun.

    € 9.95
  • The Fisher Price laugh and learn smart stages tablet introduces baby to their very own tablet. This Fisher Price tablet includes smart stages technology, an exciting new way to change the learning content as baby grows. Every baby develops at their own pace so the Fisher Price laugh and learn smart stages tablet technology gives you the ability to select...

    € 29.95
  • With the Early Learning Centre blossom farm tummy time activity toy your baby will learn to love tummy time. The Early Learning Centre tummy time activity toy has a soft touch roller. The tummy time toy from the Blossom farm range has bright, engaging colours and pleasant textures, sounds and loveable friends to play. 

    € 19.95
  • Babog Bear is a soft and cuddly bear that teaches babies, toddlers and children 33 words including numbers, colours and shapes. Babog bear has buttons on ears, paws, feet and tummy can be easily pressed by baby to hear each word. Babog  Bear is a multi award winnig cuddly and colourful teddy bear.   

    € 29.95
  • This huge smiling Paws teddy bear isn't just large and soft, the Paws big teddy bear is made with high quality, soft beige color fur, it is made with a lot of attention to detail and adorable design. This cute teddy bear has got adorable big paw imprints on his feet, and shows a classic teddy bear look that's friendly. 

    € 99.99
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