dreamgenii pregnancy pillow

The dreamgenii pregnancy pillow is designed specifically to provide optimum yet gentle support to as many parts of the body as possible while pregnant and sleeping.

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Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow

The Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow had won awards for its design and practicality, including Pregnancy Product of the Year 2007 by Practical Parent magazine. This maternity pillow’s unique design features:

  • Encourages you to sleep on your left side
  • Enables you to easily switch over to your other side if required
  • Provides gentle support to your back, bump and knees using the four special padding cushion parts of the maternity pillow
  • Does not take up much room in the bed so enables both you and your partner get a good night’s rest.
  • After your baby is born it can double up as a breastfeeding pillow.
  • Back support cushion part of the pregnancy pillow - when sleeping on the left hand side (the optimum side), this cushion provides support for the back; when sleeping on the right, this cushion supports the bump. It also prevents rolling onto the back.
  • Quilted pad to rest on - this part helps maintain the positioning of the two sides of the pillow while sleeping. It also gives support to the middle part of the body/waist.
  • Bump support cushion- when lying on the left, this provides support to the bump; when lying on the right, this gives support to the back.
  • Leg or knee support cushion - regardless of which side the mother is lying on, this provides support and reduces pressure on the back and bump by gently lifting the upper leg and knee.

Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow for Sleep

  • Place your Dream Genii pillow flat on your mattress, with the back support cushion at the usual place on the bed that your middle or lower back rests, and the leg support cushion on the right hand side.
  • Lie on the Dream Genii pillow, on your left side, with the quilted pad at the most comfortable spot for you under your middle side. If you sleep on the right hand side of the bed, you may find it easier to lift up the leg support cushion part of the pregnancy pillow as you lie on the bed, then lie behind it.
  • The back support cushion part of the pillow should lie firmly but gently into the small of your back. This helps encourage you to lie on your left hand side and reduce the chance of you rolling over onto your back while sleeping. When you are expecting, sleeping on your back can be uncomfortable and restrict blood flow to your baby.
  • Next place the leg support cushion part of the pillow between your knees. This helps lift the upper leg, reducing pressure on your back and bump during pregnancy.
  • Now that your back and knee support cushions are in place, gently pull the bump support cushion towards your bump until you feel it gently resting against it.
  • You are now lying on your left hand side which, as stated above, is the optimum position for you and your baby, and is the position the DreamGenii pregnancy pillow is designed to provide the most comfortable sleep in. Many believe that this positioning can result in a shorter and less painful delivery for mother and baby.



While it is recommended that the mother sleeps on her left hand side during pregnancy, it is unrealistic to achieve this optimum positioning all the time. The Dream Genii maternity pillow allows the mother to switch sides during the night without having to alter the position of the pillow.

  • Remove the leg support cushion from between your knees and roll onto your right hand side, leaving the quilted pad part of the pillow in place under you.
  • Pass the leg support cushion through the back of your knees - this provides the same support as when lying on your left hand side.
  • The bump support cushion now provides support to your back; adjust the positioning of this part of the pregnancy pillow until you are comfortable.
  • The back support cushion now provides support to your bump; again adjust the positioning until you are comfortable.


Your DreamGenii pillow can continue to be of use after pregnancy by doubling up as a breastfeeding pillow. Choose a comfortable chair to feed in, and have your baby close by and in a safe place.

  • Wrap the leg support part of the Dream genii pillow behind you, into the small of your back.
  • Bring the back and bump support cushions parts of the breastfeeding pillow together in front of you to form a comfortable resting place for your baby, at just the right height for feeding.
  • You may need to place another cushion under your arm or elbow, on the side that the baby is feeding from.