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  • The Brother Max 6 in 1 baby thermometer is a simple to use, no contact thermometer which takes readings in seconds. Just simply point the baby thermometer at your target, for example, a forehead, and the illuminated projector will give a quick and accurate reading. A built-in aiming system ensures you are the correct distance from your target.

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  • Thermofocus non-contact baby thermometer is designed to allow you to take your baby's temperature without even touching him/her. With the Thermofocus baby thermometer, taking your baby's temperature becomes a sweet gesture, just like a caress. Thermofocus is a baby thermometer perfect for children and functional for adults, because the temperature...

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  • The Dreambaby clinical digital thermometer helps you be prepared for any emergency or simply put your mind at ease with an accurate reading in just 30 seconds. The Dreambaby clinical digital thermometer is equipped with a state of the art fever alert light-up indicator. The display will instantly turn red if a fever – temperature above 37.0c and green if...

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  • The Clippasafe nursery thermometer has been developed to allow you to keep a constant check on the temperature and create a safe, comforting environment making sure your baby isn't too hot or cold. The Clippasafe nursery thermometer is bright and colourful, it is engaging and means it won't look out of place amongst the rest of your child's toys and...

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  • Thanks to Braun’s patented pre-warmed tip and ExacTemp® technology, Braun ThermoScan® is widely regarded as a benchmark for accuracy and reliability. That’s why most health professionals choose Braun ThermoScan®*. In fact, Braun ThermoScan® is the number one brand among doctors*.

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  • The Braun no touch plus forehead thermometer is the first thermometer with both no touch and touch functions. The new Braun no touch + forehead thermometer is gentle enough for a sleeping baby.

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  • If you want to check baby's temperature when they are asleep the Brother Max non-contact thermometer is the perfect one for you. This baby thermometer allows you to take a touch free forehead temperature reading by simply holding the thermometer close to the forehead and pressing the button. The LCD display has a backlight for reading nighttime temperatures.

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  • Visiofocus baby thermometer is the non-contact thermometer in the world. The Visiofocus thermometer is convenient and easy to use as it is the most advanced medical thermometer working at distance. With the Visiofocus thermometer, you can take your baby's temperature at first sight, as it is designed to project the body temperature reading on the forehead...

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  • The 2 in 1 thermometer by Brother Max is designed for the whole family, it allows you to measure ear and forehead temperature for your convenience. The Brother Max thermometer provides an accurate and fast digital reading in just 1 second for complete peace of mind. The sleek design is easy to hold and operate with one-touch buttons and clear icons.

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  •   The Brother Max 3-in-1 Digital Thermometer digitally measures ear, forehead and room temperatures. It has one-touch functions and  acurate to 0.1º in just 1 second for babies and adults. It can be wiped clean, with no need for probe covers. It has an automatic back-light for easy viewing and it can fixed to a flat surface or wall mount on its own stand.

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