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  • The Redcastle Ergonomic ergonomic sleep positioner has many of the benefits of the Cocoonababy but in a pared down design that will fit in a moses basket / crib / stroller or cot bed on the lowest setting, and is perfect for travelling (with its own carry bag).

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  • The Cocoonababy nest reassures baby by making them feel safe and content with the elongated semi-fetal position. The Cocoonababy nest helps your baby to adapt to life after birth while also limiting the risk of flat head syndrome. The Red Castle Cocoonababy nest is also great for reducing gastric reflux in babies and helps improve the quality and length...

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  • Red Castle has created the Cocobag swaddle bag, a high-waisted sleeping bag specifically for newborns because the size of the armholes and the length of a conventional baby sleeping bags are not suitable for all babies. The Cocobag is shorter in length than other baby sleeping bags and held in place at the waist by a wide stretch band, it covers baby well...

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