Pregnancy Pillows 

Pillows to help you get a good nights sleep during your pregnancy and beyond

  • A floral design spare cover for your Dreamgenii pregnancy support and feeding pillow allows you to brighten up any room. The dreamgenii pregnancy support and feeding pillow is a pregnancy essential for all women once they reach the second trimester, allowing a peaceful night's rest for you and your baby. 

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  • Mamas and Papas nursing pillow is the perfect back support during pregnancy and with 4 uses in one, it's an invaluable companion whether you are breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, nesting or just need a bit of added comfort. The removable, washable cover on the Mamas and Papas nursing pillow means it's never been easier to keep it clean.

    € 36.95
  • The Mamas and Papas pregnancy and nursing pillow that is designed to support your bump, back and knees while you rest, this Mamas and Papas nursing pillow moulds to your shape with a narrow design that makes for the comfiest companion. Mamas and Papas pregnancy and nursing pillow has five uses in one, for sleeping, resting, bottle-feeding, breastfeeding...

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  • A comfortable sleeping position is not easy to find in later pregnancy without total body support. The Summer Infant ultimate comfort body support pillow is a soft, supportive body-length pillow designed to comfort mum during and after pregnancy. The patented shape of the Summer Infant pregnancy pillow contours mum’s body to support her tummy, back and hips.

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  • The award-winning Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow boasts a unique patented design with dual function; support you and feeding baby. The Dreamgenii pregnancy and feeding pillow is versatile, you will only need to purchase one pillow to help you through a comfortable, safe pregnancy. This pregnancy support pillow promotes a healthy blood flow between the mother...

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