Fireguards and stove guards allow you to have the comfort of a lovely fire on those cold nights while keeping little hands from getting to close.
  • Extend your BabyDan Configure System of choice with the BabyDan Configure Gate Extension in Black.

    € 24.95
  • BabyDan Wall Mounting Kit- Designed to transform your BabyDan BabyDen into a room divider or fire guard, the BabyDan Wall Mounting Kit features all the parts necessary to securely screw your BabyDen to the wall.

    € 14.95
  • The Clippasafe classic fireguard will reduce the risk of serious burns or injury by stopping your baby or toddler getting too close to the fire. This metal fireguard from Clippasafe is easily assembled and secured to the wall, it is also foldable for storage when not in use.  

    € 49.95
  • Babydan Babyden Park a Kid - Playpen is a great playpen with a full opening door which helps prevent adult back injuries when lifting the child up. Baby dan have created this multi-purpose playpen with five sections that can be converted into a room divider or used as a guard for wide openings such as an open fire place.

    € 139.95
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  • The Babydan hearth gate and stove guard protects your child from the hazards of heat and fire from fireplaces and wood burning stoves. This hearth guard is made up of flexible panels allowing you to adjust it so it can be used in a combination of ways. The Baby Dan gate can also be used as a stair gate for extra wide openings or as a room divider.  

    € 104.95
  • The Clippasafe extendable fireguard gives you peace of mind when you have a curious baby or toddler in the house. The extendable fireguard keeps your little one at a safe distance from the fire, it is suitable for use with most fixed, domestic wall mounted fires including gas fires, electric fires, with or without a fireplace surrounded hearth.

    € 44.95