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  • Jumini stacking owls are great for enhancing your child’s co-ordination and creativity skills. Jumini’s unique stacking owls are a real winner for little ones and help with concentration building, requiring a certain amount of skill with balancing and stacking.

    € 19.95
  • Jumini castle building blocks are perfect for getting your little one’s imagination going and are also fantastic for hand to eye co-ordination skills. The Jumini castle building blocks help with concentration building such as stacking and balancing.

    € 29.95
  • The Doomoo baby seat is an amazing bean bag that guarantees total comfort for your tiny baby from birth as well as to bigger child (up to 30kgs). The Doomoo baby seat is made from a combination of micro-balls and ultra soft material meaning that it will mould to fit every person as they find their favourite position.

    € 124.95
  • Lamaze play and grow tilly twinklewings unicorn toy has lots of developmental features to capture baby's imagination. The bright, bold colours and patterns on tilly twinklewings will stimulate baby's vision and bring sparkle to their carseat or buggy with link attachment. The Lamaze tilly twinklewings has clip-clop hooves that make fun trotting noises for...

    € 14.95
  • The Lamaze foot finder set is covered in the friendly faces of garden bugs. Place these fun characters on baby's feet and watch them reach out to touch them, all the while helping them to build flexibility and strength. The set also includes smaller versions for wrists.  

    € 14.95
  • Mamas and Papas tummy time roll is perfect for encouraging baby to move their head. The Mamas and Papas tummy time toy has lots of fun features for baby to explore. Your baby will love doing their tummy time exercises with this colourful Mamas and Papas Offspring tummy time toy

    € 23.95
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  • Lamaze My Friend Emily is a colourful character who wears a rattle necklace, clinky teether rings, and makes amusing interactive sounds. Her vibrant colours and variety of textures are sure to make her a new favourite.

    € 15.95
  • The Lamaze Jacques the Peacock has all sorts of colours, textures and sounds and will keep your baby occupied and entertained. Lamaze Jacques the peacock has a velvet body and many bright tail feathers each with its own distinctive design. The Contrasting materials help develop baby’s feel and encourage exploration.

    € 12.95
  • Mamas and Papas my first teddy bear is the perfect newborn companion for your little one. This Mamas and Papas teddy bear has delicate detailing and is dressed in a knitted waistcoat and flat cap.

    € 18.95
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