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  • The Crane humidifier filter cartridge for cool mist humidifiers is a replacement filter cartridge designed to help reduce minerals caused by hard water from being released into the air. This Crane humidifier filter refill-cartridge helps to remove the majority of mould, minerals and pollutants from the water, leaving you with clean and clear air.

    € 11.95
  • The Crane Oscar the Owl cool mist humidifier gives relief from cold and flu symptoms and bring wellness to your entire family. Crane Oscar the owl humidifier features an award-winning, child friendly animal designs and top rated performance. These adorable animal shaped humidifiers provide up to 24 hours of soothing moisture to help relieve the effects of...

    € 64.95
  • The Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier provides additional moisture to help relieve symptoms such as sinus irritation, coughs and other effects of dry air and the cool mist helps support easy breathing and offers relief from congestion. The humidifier comes in a cute teardrop design, perfect for a child's bedroom.

    € 64.95
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