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  • The Clippasafe baby bath thermometer gives an easy to read indication of the water temperature to ensure safe bathing for your baby. The Clippasafe baby thermometer helps to prevent scalding accidents when bathing your baby.

    € 3.95
  • Safety 1st swivel bath seat has a unique 360-degree swivel that allows you to gently turn your baby in the seat to wash those difficult to reach places. The Safety 1st swivel baby bath seat gives parents ease of use with both hands-free and peace of mind that your baby is safe

    € 16.95
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  • The Munchkin nappy change organiser keeps nappies, wipes and all baby's accessories organised and close to hand. The Munchkin nappy change organiser easily attaches to cots, dressers, changing unit or doors.

    € 34.95
  • Clippasafe mini bath mats can be used in baths and showers to help prevent accidents and allowing your child to play safely in the water. The Clippasafe mini bath mats are held firmly in place using suction pads, which also means they can be easily re-positioned, and even removed completely so that you can give them a quick clean.

    € 4.95
  • The Clippasafe bath mat lets children play around and splash in the bath or shower, and there's always the risk of them slipping over and injuring themselves. Clippasafe bath mat is machine-washable, slip resistant, and this rubber bath mat can be used in baths and smooth shower trays to make sure bath-time remains a fun and safe experience.

    € 10.95
  • The Clippasafe bath toy bag is a safe place to store bathtime toys as they could be a potential trip hazard if left on the floor, but with space often at a premium it's not always an easy task. Clippasafe bath toy bag can be easily attached to the side of the bath or to smooth tiles using the suction cups, keeping all of your youngster's favourite things...

    € 6.95
  • The Brother MaxDigital Bath & Room Digital thermometer has been cleverly designed to double up as a playful floating bath toy as well as an essential bath time gadget

    € 16.99
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  • The Baby Elegance baby bather is designed to hold your baby securely during bath time. The baby bather allows your baby to sit comfortably it while it holds baby secure. You can keep the Baby Elegance baby bather firmly in place using the strong suction cups at the bottom. 

    € 7.99
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  • Make baby's bath time fun with the Clevamama bath mat with the Clevabear theme. The Clevamama bath mat is extra-long to fit the full size of your bath making it ideal if you are bathing more than one child. ClevaBath mat is designed to prevent toddlers and young children from slipping during bath time.

    € 14.99
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  • The Safety 1st baby bath sponge is the perfect choice for bathing your baby. The Safety 1st baby sponge is a contoured non-slip sponge that cradles baby alone or can act as an insert for the kitchen sink or baby bath. The Safety 1st bath sponge provides baby with bathing comfort and gives baby additional head, neck and back support resulting in a better...

    € 9.95
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