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Clippasafe are insightful and understanding when it comes to your child's safety and they appreciate the need for quality products that keep babies and young children safe in the home, car and when out and about. Clippasafe is family-run company manufacturing child safety products for over 50 years. It all started when Gordon Cheetham first produced a range of child safety harnesses in the late 1950s.
After a lot of hard work and many designs later, the Clippasafe brand evolved into a whole world of child safety products and more.

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  • The Clippasafe slide lock is an alternative cabinet lock with has a neat appearance. The jaws of the Clippasafe slide locks slide apart to fit knobs or handles on a double fronted cabinet which are no further apart than 9.5cm.

    € 2.95
  • The Clippasafe nursery thermometer has been developed to allow you to keep a constant check on the temperature and create a safe, comforting environment making sure your baby isn't too hot or cold. The Clippasafe nursery thermometer is bright and colourful, it is engaging and means it won't look out of place amongst the rest of your child's toys and...

    € 3.95
  • The Clippasafe teethers are an excellent solution to teething as they can be chilled in the fridge to help soothe sore gums. The Clippasafe teethers are water filled teethers and will help baby through the troublesome teething time.

    € 3.95
  • The Clippasafe slide cabinet lock will keep any double-fronted cabinet secure and your child well out of harms way. The Slide lock by Clippasafe has a simple sliding action and double action 'press to release system', meaning it isn't a task for parents when they need to get something out of the cabinet quickly. 

    € 4.95
  • The Clippasafe secure belt travel pillow is designed to help with car journeys with your little one. The Clippasafe secure belt travel pillow increases in-car safety and delivers improved comfort level for your young passengers. Clippasafe travel pillow's unique design has retention panels on the underside which encase the seat belt strap, holding it in...

    € 12.95
  • The Clippasafe pram and pushchair net is a heavy duty mesh which allows you to protect your baby's pram or pushchair from your cat. Cats often try to curl up in prams and carrycots, as they tend to be warm and comfortable. As nice as it is for a cat, it's not hygienic for your baby.

    € 11.99
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  • The Clippasafe bath mat lets children play around and splash in the bath or shower, and there's always the risk of them slipping over and injuring themselves. Clippasafe bath mat is machine-washable, slip resistant, and this rubber bath mat can be used in baths and smooth shower trays to make sure bath-time remains a fun and safe experience.

    € 10.95
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  • Clippasafe microwave and oven lock helps you keep your little one out of the hot oven and microwave, reducing the risk of serious burns or injuries while letting them be creative and get involved in the cooking process. The Clippasafe microwave and oven lock is a heat resistant lock and can be easily fitted to stand-alone kitchen appliances to make sure...

    € 3.99
  • Clippasafe drawer locks will help you keep little hands and fingers out of drawers while they are being adventurous and exploring the world around them. Clippasafe drawer locks will make sure such sharp and dangerous objects are safely stored and kept well out of harms way and saves you having to constantly move things out of reach of your children.

    € 2.95
  • Clippasafe self-adhesive locks are perfect if you don't want to screw into your kitchen units. The self-adhesive locks from Clippasafe also have the added bonus of an anti-finger trap mechanism, so even if your child does try and get into the drawers, their fingers won't get trapped in the small opening.

    € 2.95
  • The Clippasafe night light creates a soft, reassuring atmosphere which is key to a peaceful sleep for children and a stress-free night for mum and dad. The Clippasafe night light will make sure the nursery is bathed in a warm, comforting glow to help youngsters settle down for the night.

    € 3.95
  • Clippasafe bag clips allow lightweight shopping bags to be hung from a pram or stroller's frame or handle, freeing up your hands, enabling you to keep them on the handles and in full control. These Clippasafe bag clips are for shopping bags or small handbags, and are invaluable little pieces of kit that ensure you can carry that extra bit of shopping when...

    € 1.95