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Clippasafe are insightful and understanding when it comes to your child's safety and they appreciate the need for quality products that keep babies and young children safe in the home, car and when out and about. Clippasafe is family-run company manufacturing child safety products for over 50 years. It all started when Gordon Cheetham first produced a range of child safety harnesses in the late 1950s.
After a lot of hard work and many designs later, the Clippasafe brand evolved into a whole world of child safety products and more.

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  • Clippasafe wrist link strikes that important balance for parents and children. The Clippasafe wrist link allows your child freedom to walk while giving you the peace of mind that they are always close by. The Clippasafe wrist link gives you added security when near busy roads and other hazards.

    € 5.95
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  • Clippasafe toy ties are a great way of ensuring that treasured items stay safe, close at hand when out and about. The Clippasafe toy ties allow your child bring their favourite soft toy with them wherever they go, and holds it when they don't remember to, especially when they are feeling tired or grumpy. 

    € 2.99
  • The Clippasafe bath toy bag is a safe place to store bathtime toys as they could be a potential trip hazard if left on the floor, but with space often at a premium it's not always an easy task. Clippasafe bath toy bag can be easily attached to the side of the bath or to smooth tiles using the suction cups, keeping all of your youngster's favourite things...

    € 6.95
  • The Clippasafe waterproof mattress protector helps to keep the mattress dry and undamaged as no moisture can filter through. Clippasafe mattress protector comes complete with securing tapes so fitting the sheet is simple and hassle-free.

    € 6.95
  • Clippasafe baby neck support cushion will make sure that your child's head remains in a safe and upright position throughout any journey ensuring the best protection and support possible. The car often sends baby off to sleep and increasing the chance of their head lolling forward or to the side causing baby to be uncomfortable and neck strained,...

    € 6.95
  • The Clippasafe shampoo eye shield saves those bath time tears when shampoo's involved. The shampoo shield will help keep stray suds out of your little one's eyes making the task a less difficult one for parents. The Clippasafe shampoo eye shield has the wide peak that protects little eyes from the discomfort of shampoo suds, making bath time stress-free...

    € 3.95
  • The Clippasafe baby view mirror will make travelling with baby easy by helping you keep an eye on your baby or child in the back seat of the car as you drive, especially as they get restless on a long journey. The Clippasafe child view mirror provides a clear reflection of the back seat, allowing you to check on your child and know exactly what they are...

    € 8.95
  • Clippasafe toy hammock will help to organise an unruly mess. If you've run out of space and your storage boxes and baskets are full, then you can easily make use of the walls. An immediate, cost-effective idea is the Clippasafe toy hammock to hold all those soft toys and teddy bears. Not only will the toy hammock keep them off the floor, but it'll also...

    € 9.95
  • The Clippasafe baby car seat raincover will help parents to protect their baby from the elements when you have to move them between the car and the house. The infant carseat raincover is universal to fit on any baby carseat and will save mum and dad trying to hold an umbrella over baby on a rainy day.

    € 11.95
  • The Clippasafe classic fireguard will reduce the risk of serious burns or injury by stopping your baby or toddler getting too close to the fire. This metal fireguard from Clippasafe is easily assembled and secured to the wall, it is also foldable for storage when not in use.  

    € 49.95
  • The Clippasafe Fridge Lock is easy to fit and can be put on any square cornered fridge or freezer using adhesive pads, and they also have an inbuilt press to lock and release feature. 

    € 2.95
  • The Clippasafe Toilet Lock is easily fitted using the adhesive pads that are supplied with the product and is designed to keep the lid firmly closed. 

    € 2.95