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Like many excited expectant parents, the Burtons learnt about the importance of the "feet-to-foot" rule and they set about developing a product that would keep their baby in the correct position and so the Safababy "Sleeper" was born. The flexibility of the Safababy meant that the "Sleeper" could be re-positioned further down the cot or cot-bed as baby grew, enabling them to maintain the important "feet-to-foot" safety rule as their child grew. The "Sleeper" was a unique product and it meets the British and European Standard for cots (BS EN 716).

Safababy then expanded and now have a number of baby sleeping products in their range, including breathable baby cot bumpers, room thermometers, sheets for baby cots and cot beds

  • The Safababy has been designed in accordance with the expert's advice in keeping your baby in the feet to foot position which is believed to reduce the risk of cot death otherwise known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS. The Feet-to-Foot position is the recommended sleeping position by midwives for babies.

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