Group 0+ (0-13kg) 

Baby Car Seats Group 0+ (0-13kg)

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  • The Maxi-Cosi Pebble Pro i-Size is a baby car seat with an excellent safety performance, complying with the latest car seat regulation: i-Size (R129). 

    € 229.95
  • The Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix2 fits both baby and toddler car seats, enabling rearward-facing travel from birth up to approx. 4 years. It’s so easy to install, and the chances of doing it wrong are slim to none as the base will give you feedback on the correct attachment. 

    € 159.95
  • The Joie Every stage car seat - group 0+/1/2/3 is the ultimate transporter that makes growing up easy from birth to twelve years. Grows every which way for every which stage.  

    € 224.95
  • Meet Maxi Cosi’s – Tinca, weighing only 3.2 kilos, Tinca is an i-Size car seat which was designed for parents’ convenience. Whether in the car or on a walk, Tinca is one for everyone. This lightweight car seat is very easy to carry to and from the car because of it's low weight but still comfortable and safe for your little one due to the newborn inlay...

    € 159.95
  • Placing your little one into a car seat has never been more relaxed with the 360° rotation capabilities of the Maxi-Cosi Mica. Installation with ISOFIX for ease of mind and compliant with i-Size safety standards, it allows you to rotate the car seat for easy placement of your little one.

    € 299.95 € 359.95
  • The Maxi Cosi family-fix 3 fits baby and toddler car seats for long time use.The Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix3 enables a Click & Go installation for a correct and secure fit.The Maxi-Cosi FamilyFix3 has been constructed to fit our Jade safety carrycot, Coral and Pebble Pro i-Size baby car seat, and Pearl Pro 2 i-Size toddler car seat, allowing your baby to use...

    € 239.95
  • Winner of the Innovation award 2019, the Maxi Cosi Coral is more practical and lighter than ever before! The unique design reduces the carrying weight of the infant baby car seat by 50%. It consists of two parts an inner soft carrier and a safety shell. With a button press you can remove the soft carrier from the safety shell.

    € 299.95
  • The Venicci IQ base is completely different from most safety car seat bases available on the market. One-socket solution enables direct attachment of both ULTRALITE and AeroFIX seats to the car. 

    € 159.95
  • Venicci ULTRALITE stands for the highest class of safety and for uniquely lightweight design in 0+(0 – 13 kg) safety seat category. The innovative composite material makes the shell very light (2.5kg) but it also absorbs a substantial part of energy during collisions, providing perfect protection for the baby.

    € 159.95
  • Meet Maxi-Cosi’s first i-Size compliant baby car seat: the Rock! It has a unique baby-hugg inlay to give your newborn baby a comfy fit. Its easy-to-use Click & Go installation makes it easy for you as a parent to secure the seat in your car!

    € 134.95 € 184.95
  • Installing your Uppababy Mesa i-Size car seat is safe and easy with the Uppababy ISOFIX Base. Thanks to the Smart Secure™ system, you can rest assured that you are correctly fixing the car seat in your car every journey.   

    € 199.95
  • The Joie iSpin 360 has Extended rearward facing, i-Size and a 360° pivot make the Joie i-Spin 360 one clever car seat. i-Spin 360 is misuse proof, engineered with Smart Ride™ lock-off to keep kids facing rearward all the way to 4 years. This is the safest way for babies and toddlers to travel, offering greater protection and peace of mind.

    € 334.95
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