Goldbug products

Goldbug brings fun and innovative to products for babies and toddlers, while ensuring the products are manufactured to the highest of safety and quality standards.

The Goldbug Harness Buddy makes your child’s outings a safe, fun and enjoyable experience, it is one of Goldbugs most popular products with 25 lovable characters to choose from, there is sure to be one that your toddlers loves ensuring you have total peace of mind when walking outdoors or in public places. Other products from Goldbug include the safe view mirrors, buggy clips and unique tableware for your growing toddler.

  • This Giraffe safety harness from Goldbug is a fun and friendly way to keep little ones close to you in a crowded place. It is both reins and a backpack. The safety strap of the harness adjusts as your child grows. The giraffe harness by Goldbug is easy for you to put on and take off and the zippered pocket lets you store little baby essentials.

    € 24.99