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For more than 50 years, Medela has developed technologically advanced breastpumps Throughout their history, Medela have been pushing the boundaries to create safe and efficient breastfeeding products including a technology that mimics a baby's natural sucking rhythm, resulting in getting mothers more milk in less time. Medela's most recent innovation is Calma, a feeding solution where the baby can maintain his natural feeding behaviour learned on the breast and therefore drink from a bottle.

Medela have created a wide range to accompany their breast pumps to help breastfeeding mums including nipple protectors and nipple formers, breast milk storage bags and bottle sterilising bags which are great for life on the go.

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  • Collect, store and freeze breastmilk in Medela Breastmilk Bottles.  Each bottle has a feeding collar and solid lid and can be used with many leading brands of teat.  Maximum capacity 150ml.

    € 14.95
  • Extra valves and membranes for use with all Medela breastpumps and kits in a handy pack. Each pack contains 2 valves and 6 membranes.

    € 10.95
  • Steam Cleaning eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria and germs.  Great for cleaning bottles, teats, soothers, cups and breastpump accessories.  Use them anywhere, all you need is a microwave and water.

    € 15.95
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  • Medela’s Breast milk storage bags make storing, transporting and warming breast milk convenient and hygienic. The Medela storage bags are easy to use. The flat shape is space-saving and makes thawing quickly. The Medela breast milk storage bags have a double zipper and durable material which makes the storage of your breast milk safe.

    € 16.95
  • The Swing Breast Pump is the first and only small electric breast pump, for single pumping, that features the ground-breaking 2-Phase® Expression Technology.

    € 139.95 € 169.95
  • The Medela mini electric breast pump is perfect for occasional separations from baby e.g. back to work, a night out, or for a partner to feed the baby, so mum can get a good night’s sleep!  The Medela breastmilk pump is ideal if you need to use a breast pump for two full expressions or several short expressions a day. Medela mini electric breast pump is...

    € 69.95 € 89.95
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