Double buggies 

Double Buggies are available to suit for twins or toddler and baby
  • The Bugaboo Donkey 2 Duo is a convertible pushchair which adapts to your requirements at any given moment, you can go out with one child and/or your second child whenever you want to.

    € 1,539.95
  • The Bugaboo Donkey 2 is the multi-purpose stroller that is always ready for more; more adventures, more things to bring on your stroll and even more children. In the twin mode the Bugaboo Donkey is the perfect solution for two children of the same age.

    € 1,639.95
  • Phil and Teds Dot is the most compact inline buggy yet and is ready to make your life with kids in tow a whole lot easier. The Phil & Teds dot buggy is super compact and fits seamlessly into the smallest car and glides through narrow doorways, yet it has a fullsize seat. In true Phil and Teds style the Dot buggy adapts from 1 kid to 2 as your family grows.

    € 399.95
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  • The arrival of Twins is such an exciting time. The Baby Elegance twin baby bundle is a complete list of everything you need together in one handy package and saves you spending hours researching the endless amount of baby products.

    € 1,899.95
  • The Baby Elegance Cupla Duo travel system has removed limitations when it comes to your and your babies needs. Baby Elegance have listened to the needs of parents and have designed a double travel system that is completely adaptable whether you’re having one baby, two or even adding an addition to the family at a later stage. The Baby Elegance Cupla Duo...

    € 959.95
  • The Out 'N' About nipper double baby buggy is a lightweight award winning baby buggy and boasts similar features to the Out 'N' About nipper single buggy only this time there's room for two! The Out 'N' About V4 nipper double baby buggy features independently reclining seats and is capable of comfortably seating two children of different ages or sizes. 

    € 499.00
  • Phil and Teds Sport buggy with auto stop is an innovative anall-terrainin inline buggy which can be used as a single buggy or double buggy. The Phil and Teds Sport auto stop feature allows parents hands-free moments whether an older child pauses to take in an interesting sight, a mobile phone starts to ring or simply needing to rub a smudge off their...

    € 549.95
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  • Phil and Teds dash pushchair is one of the world's best inline buggies, allowing parents to adapt and survive with additional babies. The Phil and Teds dash buggy has a modern design and it is an uber light inline buggy suitable for 1 or 2 kids. The Dash is the perfect all rounder for fun and adventure. The Phil and Teds Dash is suitable from birth and...

    € 599.95
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