Brother Max products

Created in 2005 Brother Max are focused on designing products exclusively for babies and toddlers which provide genuinely innovative solutions to everyday parenting challenges. Brother Max have a concept of three little words - simple clever ideas nd their products are just that. The feeding range from brother max includes a complete easy to hold award winning range that will help your baby learn to feed by themselves. The baby thermometer range from Brother Max is really clever, the 3 in 1 thermometer allows you to measure not only baby's ear temperature, forehead temperature but also room temperature.

  • If you want to check baby's temperature when they are asleep the Brother Max non-contact thermometer is the perfect one for you. This baby thermometer allows you to take a touch free forehead temperature reading by simply holding the thermometer close to the forehead and pressing the button. The LCD display has a backlight for reading nighttime temperatures.

    € 44.99
  • The Brother MaxDigital Bath & Room Digital thermometer has been cleverly designed to double up as a playful floating bath toy as well as an essential bath time gadget

    € 16.99
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  •   The Brother Max 3-in-1 Digital Thermometer digitally measures ear, forehead and room temperatures. It has one-touch functions and  acurate to 0.1º in just 1 second for babies and adults. It can be wiped clean, with no need for probe covers. It has an automatic back-light for easy viewing and it can fixed to a flat surface or wall mount on its own stand.

    € 44.95
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