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Sleepytot began in 2006 when new mum experienced the dreaded dummy runs in the middle of the night. She decided that her baby needed something safe to attach soothers to, ensuring babies and parents all over the world sleep soundly through the night. ith nothing suitable on the market she set about making Sleepytot, a lovable and soft teddy that is holds baby soothers while being easy to hold for baby and importantly for parents its achine washable.

Sleepy tot attaches to baby's cot, baby's buggy and many more so saves you from losing baby's dummy when home or out and about. Sleepytot makes a great companion for your little one.

  • The Sleepytot baby comforter is much more than just a soft cuddly friend for your baby. This award winning Sleepytot baby comforter is perfect for bedtime, chill out time or for when you're out and about. The Sleepytot has little velcro paws which can hold onto soothers or teethers. Sleepytot is a unique and versatile, its great to keep soothers from...

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