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The Tecnimed company aim to create revolutionary and intelligent products on the basis of the need felt by the Customers, with particular care to the health protection products. This strategy helped Tecnimed in the realization of various projects and gained patents in Italy and also at an international level. Thermometers such as the thermofocus and visiofocus are popular among parents as they are non-contact thermometers, making reading bab's temperature easier and quicker.

Tecnimed's products are all strictly made in Italy and mainly manufactured within its own factory, which  means greater quality can be ensured with a strict control been kept leads to consistent high quality products. 

  • Thermofocus non-contact baby thermometer is designed to allow you to take your baby's temperature without even touching him/her. With the Thermofocus baby thermometer, taking your baby's temperature becomes a sweet gesture, just like a caress. Thermofocus is a baby thermometer perfect for children and functional for adults, because the temperature...

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