BubbleBum products

The BubbleBum booster car seat was born out of frustration and concern for children’s safety when travelling abroad and from this popular little product a company was born. The people at Bubble Bum aim to create a global brand of products which are cool, functional and innovative travel solutions for families.

BubbleBum is a young and expanding company, the BubbleBum is now available in 2 different colours and new products are on the way. 

  • The Sneck by BubbleBum is a comfy travel pillow that is ideal for kids on the go. BubbleBums Sneck is made with micro-bead filled pillow pods and cozy material allow your child to sleep in total comfort, while providing head and neck support.

    € 16.95
  • BubbleBum car booster seat in a bag, it is inflatable, portable and foldable. The Bubble Bum booster seat is the only inflatable, truly portable car booster seat for kids between 4-11 years old. The BubbleBum booster seat easily deflates and folds flat so that kids or mums can carry it in rucksacks or handbags, making it perfect for holidays, coach...

    € 35.95
  • These BubbleBum jellies by JIVO offer high-quality sound, functional convenience and come in a funky purple colour. The BubbleBum jellies have soft, squishy ear-tips in three different sizes so you can find a fit that is comfortable and secure for your child. With their compact size, these Bubble Bum jellies earphones are perfect for any cool kid on the go!

    € 4.95
  • The BubbleBum Junkie is a great in-car organiser that transforms your backseat, organises your junk and keeps your kids entertained. The BubbleBum Junkie has a "tech mount" for your kids to share and access one device, interact and view together. The two compact, retractable activity trays on the Junkie are ideal for snacking and play when on the go.

    € 44.95
  • BubbleBum is the portable car booster seat in a bag. Inflatable, portable, foldable. The Bubble Bum booster seat is the only inflatable, truly portable booster seat for kids between 4-11 years old 

    € 35.95