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  • The Baby Elegance new baby bundle is a complete list of everything you need for your new baby, saving you hours researching endless amount of baby products. The Baby Elegance baby bundle is a handy package which still allows you to choose what you like. The Baby Elegance new baby bundle covers everything from baby’s sleeping comfort and bathing...

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  • Baby Elegance baby bath support sponge is super soft for baby’s comfort during their bath. Simply lie your baby on the Baby Elegance bath sponge support and then wash your baby with ease.

    € 11.95
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  • Safety 1st swivel bath seat has a unique 360-degree swivel that allows you to gently turn your baby in the seat to wash those difficult to reach places. The Safety 1st swivel baby bath seat gives parents ease of use with both hands-free and peace of mind that your baby is safe

    € 16.95
  • The Safety 1st baby bath sponge is the perfect choice for bathing your baby. The Safety 1st baby sponge is a contoured non-slip sponge that cradles baby alone or can act as an insert for the kitchen sink or baby bath. The Safety 1st bath sponge provides baby with bathing comfort and gives baby additional head, neck and back support resulting in a better...

    € 9.95
  • Summer Infant foldaway baby bath gives you versatility and convenience for bathing your little one. The baby bath folds easily and compactly for storage and travel. The large Summer Infant baby bath includes an inclined positioner for a newborn and it can be removed as your baby grows. 

    € 29.99
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  • This baby bath from OKT features the ever popular children's character Winnie the Pooh,  parents and children will both love this Disney baby bath. The neutral yellow colour is great for pre-birth preparation. 

    € 15.99
  • The Shantala baby bath allows your baby to be bathed in a position familiar to them (rather like in the womb), which has a reassuring effect. The well-designed shape of the Shantala baby bath means baby is immersed up their shoulders in water, meaning your baby will remain warmer for longer. This baby bath is also economical with water, it is suitable for...

    € 22.99
  • The Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat provides comfort to the baby and convenience to parents making bath time much easier.

    € 16.95
  • The Mamas and Papas Acqua 2 stage baby bath is an innovative and ergonomically designed baby bath which will accommodate your growing baby. By providing two integral support positions this Mamas and Papas 2 stage baby bath makes bathing baby a relaxing experience for both you and your baby.

    € 36.95