OKT baby products

  • The Winnie the Pooh step stool is a solid design to help little ones become more independent. To ensure the stool does not slip the Winnie the Pooh step stool has a soft grip material. The top of the stool also has soft grip spots so that your little ones feet don't slip whilst standing on it.

    € 10.95
  • The Disney Winnie the Pooh toilet training seat is a helps to introduce your child to using the toilet. It's a big scary step for your child moving from the potty to the toilet and the fun Winnie the Pooh characters make toilet training fun. The solid design of the toilet trainer ensure that it fits securely on the toilet and the edges have a soft grip...

    € 9.95
  • This baby bath from OKT features the ever popular children's character Winnie the Pooh,  parents and children will both love this Disney baby bath. The neutral yellow colour is great for pre-birth preparation. 

    € 16.95
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