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NUK has the newborn baby checklist covered and offers a range of products adapted to the various development stages of your child - from newborn baby essentials up until pre-school age. For almost 60 years, NUK has been seeking new solutions that will make life easier for parents and promote the healthy development of their children. Because of the vast experience and expertise of Nuk, their baby bottle teats are used in many maternity and neonatal wards. NUK baby bottle and soothers also have received numerous awards over recent years, giving you peace of mind that NUK really does give your little one the best possible start in life. Nuks baby bottles also conveniently attach to their breast pump range making the move from breast to bottle easy for mum and baby

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  • The Nuk easy learning feeding bowl is a high rim baby bowl which lets you take grip and spoon out of baby’s food even more easily. This baby feeding bowl from Nuk is ideal for both preparing baby’s food and feeding baby. The Nuk feeding bowl includes a sealable lid and is BPA free.

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  • The Nuk easy learning feeding plate is a high rim baby plate which lets you take grip and spoon out of baby’s food even more easily. This feeding plate from Nuk is ideal for both preparing baby’s food and feeding baby. The Nuk baby feeding plate includes a sealable lid and is BPA free.

    € 7.95
  • Nuk classic breast pads will help keep clothing dry during breastfeeding. Nuk breast pads are anatomically designed to fit your breast perfectly; they are virtually invisible and extremely absorbent due to a special inner layer with integrated liquid retention. A breathable outer layer on the Nuk breast pads allows air to circulate, and extra-soft fleece...

    € 5.45
  • Nuk learner bottles are designed to make the transition from breast or bottle feeding to drinking from a cup a little easier for your little one. The Disney by Nuk first choice learner cup features a classic design will keep your child entertained whilst drinking and includes easy grip trainer handles which make it easy for your child to hold the cup...

    € 7.95
  • Nuk soother chain has a practical clip to make sure your baby’s soother stays where it belongs and doesn’t get lost or fall on the floor. Simply attach one end of the Nuk soother chain to your favorite baby soother and clip the other end to baby’s clothing.

    € 5.45
  • The NUK Thermo Express bottle warmer warms your baby’s food quickly and gently with steam in just 90 Seconds. This ensures all the important nutrients and vitamins are retained. With the Nuk Thermo express baby bottle warm removes the worry about whether your baby's milk is at the correct temperature.

    € 44.95
  • Nuk breast milk bags are pre-sterilised and intended for one-time use. When you need to be quick, the Nuk breast milk storage bags can be used immediately, as they do not need to be cleaned before or after use. The Seal ‘n go breast milk bags are made out of durable plastic and are suitable for freezing.

    € 12.95
  • The Nuk baby bottle cleanser was developed specifically for cleaning all types of baby bottles, soothers and accessories. The Nuk baby bottle cleanser removes the ground on milk protein that soapy water alone won't shift. The Nuk baby bottle cleanser is based on natural ingredients and contains specific enzymes which effectively remove milk protein, pulp...

    € 5.95
  • Nuk baby bottle brush has an integrated teat brush helping your baby’s bottles and teats to stay hygienic and safe to use. Nuk 2-in-1 baby bottle and teat brush features firm bristles and a shape that is compatible with most baby bottles. The Nuk baby bottle brush is designed for thorough cleaning.

    € 7.15
  • The Nuk training baby toothbrush set helps children to learn to brush their teeth. The Nuk toothbrush set features two different toothbrushes; a cleaning trainer and a brushing trainer. For safety both Nuk baby toothbrushes feature a protective ring that prevents the brush being pushed too far into the mouth, the protective ring can also be used as a...

    € 6.95
  • The Nuk baby scissors is ideal for the gentle nail care of your baby and small children. The Nuk baby scissors cuts always safe and precise while its rounded tips increase the safety of care additionally. The cutting surfaces of the Nuk baby scissors are made of stainless steel and the handle is lined with anti-slip soft material.

    € 4.95
  • The Nuk nasal decongester hygienically clears mucus from around baby's blocked, stuffy nose with ease. The nasal decongester from Nuk is here to ensure that your child doesn't suffer with a snotty, blocked nose when they get a cold.

    € 4.95