Taggies is a must-have baby item for little ones everywhere providing a sense of security and happiness. The use of tactile and visually stimulating features both soothe and entertain. Loved by babies and parents alike.

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  • The Taggies dazzle dots monkey cozy blanket is a luxurious and soft 16" x 16" blanket. This Taggies satin lined blanket has 23 Taggies ribbons and a sweet appliqued monkey. The Taggies dazzle dots monkey cozy blanket will make a perfect gift for your little one. Taggies cozy blanket is colorful and has silky tags help to soothe baby while the dazzle dots...

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  • The Taggies dazzle dots monkey rattle is a soft rattle with 4 Taggie ribbons sewn in. At 5 inches the Taggie monkey rattle is the perfect size for little hands. Taggies monkey rattle features a cheerful embroidered face, polka dots and patented Taggies pull tags, this soft toy is sure to become an immediate favorite with your baby.

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  • The Taggies dazzle dots monkey character blanket has a cute little monkey that peaks from the top of this colorful satin lined blanket. The Taggies monkey character blanket is a colourful comfort blanket that is full of the popular Taggies satin looped ribbons that babies and kids love to rub.

    € 21.95
  • The Taggies Buddy dog will make your family complete, he is a cuddly 12" dog with a lopsided grin and floppy brown ears, made out of the softest microfiber around! This Taggies stuffed dog is so cute and cuddly that you will enjoy them as much as your little one. Like all Taggies, Buddy dog comes with patented looped ribbon tags that babies love to...

    € 24.95
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