Medela Easy Expression Bustier

If you want to try hands-free pumping, using a pumping bra, Medela’s Easy Expression Bustier, makes it simple and convenient – plus it has a secure fit for added confidence.

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€ 29.95

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  • Strapless design with no-slip support keeps bustier reliably in place
  • Reinforced openings hold breast shields securely
  • Designed to fit your Medela double electric breast pump
  • Front zip and hook make it quick and easy to put on and take off
  • 85% nylon, 15% spandex/elastane
  • Machine wash cold in garment bag on gentle cycle. For best results, do not wash/dry with apparel that has velcro.

There are four simple steps to using your Easy Expression Bustier: 
•    Hook: Fasten the bustier at the front.
•    Zip: Zip it up from the bottom.
•    Insert: Place a breast shield on each breast beneath the bustier, with your nipples centred in the tunnels. 
•    Attach: Finally, attach a connector to each breast shield.
It’s as easy as that – now you’re ready for hands-free pumping!