Grobag Snuggle Little Ollie (2.5) Tog By Tommee Tippee

With the Little Ollie Snuggle you have the best of two worlds! Arms in for a swaddle or arms out for a newborn sleep bag. The Grobag Snuggle is the easiest way to transition your baby from sleeping in a newborn swaddle to a sleepbag. The soft, snuggly swaddle allows you to choose whether your child sleeps arms in or arms out, making it perfect sleepwear for your little one!

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The Little Ollie snuggle is the ideal sleepwear to choose when preparing your little one to move on from a newborn swaddle into a baby sleep bag. The new easy-to-use Grobag Snuggle combines the comfort of swaddling with the ease-of-use of a baby sleep bag. Some of the great NEW features in the snuggle include an hourglass profile for an even better fit, the super soft fabric creates a comforting swaddled feeling that’s reassuringly snug on top while allowing for a hip-healthy natural leg position on the bottom. The two-way zip means nappy changes are a breeze at both daytime and night time and all of this comes in a range of designs you’d be happy to put your little one in. Then the fun bit, choose the design and size that's right for your child.