Brother Max 2-in-1 Nightlight

The Brother Max 2in1 Nightlight is a great space saver for small rooms or anywhere around the home.

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The Brother max 2 in 1 nightlights unique, energy-efficient design means that another appliance can be plugged into the same socket as the nightlight, making the most of the plug points that you have available without having to compromise on keeping your little one reassured.

The built-in daylight sensor means that the light knows when to turn itself on and off, and the efficient design makes the most of the gadget's size by emitting almost 360-degrees of soft light. The LED light system also means that the nightlight never gets hot, making it safe for your little one wherever you decide to position it.


  • Cleverly frees up your sockets so that you can use a nightlight and another appliance at the same time – a great space saver for small bedrooms and nurseries or anywhere around the home
  • A multi-directional design emits light in almost a 360-degree area, making the most of the small size of the device
  • Automatically switches on and off thanks to the handy daylight sensor
  • LED lights don't get hot, making the nightlight safe for you little one all night long
  • Energy efficient design and child-proof cover for maximum safety