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Sale! Red Castle Ergonomic Sleep Positioner

Red Castle Ergonomic Sleep Positioner

0-3 months

The Redcastle Ergonomic ergonomic sleep positioner has many of the benefits of the Cocoonababy but in a pared down design that will fit in a moses basket / crib / stroller or cot bed on the lowest setting, and is perfect for travelling (with its own carry bag).

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Benefits for you and your baby:

 It supports your baby in a slightly curved shape and at a slight incline which is the best position for your newborn's first months and because it feels womb-like, it will reassure and calm them for a better night's sleep.

Improves the quality and duration of your baby's sleep by offering a reassuring and comforting closeness thanks to the semi-foetal, slightly rounded position which feels womb-like for your baby.

It can also limit your baby waking themselves from the startle (moro) reflex which is a natural newborn 'jerk' that can happen while your baby sleeps and can sometimes wake them up.

It can limit the onset of some adjustment disorders such as reflux problems because of its slight incline of 7% and hip flexion both of which helps limit reflux symptoms.

The sleeping environment compliments your babies all round development by keeping your baby gently flexed, freeing their head and upper body movements, keeping their hands close to their face and their knees bent and higher than their buttocks. This is the ideal position for a new babies all round development.

It comes with a removable leg bolster and soft washable cover made with the softest Fleur de Coton

Suitable from birth (from 2.8kg/6 lbs 3 oz) to 3/4 months - it can be used safely until your baby starts to roll by themselves - usually at 3-4 months 

Baby-wedge, thanks to the head-hugger

Weight 1.63kg

Dimensions 58.7 x 32 x 13 cm