Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer

The Gymini Bouncer is a complete activity environment for your baby.

It has just the right amount of exciting activities for baby to enjoy. Between the hanging toys that can move along the arches, the music & lights and the calming vibration baby will be happy.

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€ 64.95

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Parents will enjoy the easy installation, the great colours and multiple positions, and most of all, the moveable arches allowing them to get baby in and out of the bouncer easily.
Baby-activated lights & music take-along electronic crab clips onto the arches for side and front views engaging baby during playtime.

Product features

  • Suitable from 0 to 12 months approx
  • Endless play options with adjustable activity arches
  • Easy access to baby; open arch position for easy parental access
  • 2 reclining positions
  • Baby-activated lights and music stand-alone crab toy
  • Hanging toys can be easily moved along the arches  

Development Values

  • The unique adjustable arches allow you to bring the toys close to baby in the earlier months, when his vision is limited
  • Later, the arches can be opened up and the toys can be moved along encouraging baby’s motor skills as he tries to reach the toys
  • Fine motor skills are encouraged and developed when baby plays with the crab or pulls on the Hippo jitter
  • The wealth of colours, textures and sounds delight baby and help develop his senses

Age Tips:
0-1 months

During the first weeks of her life, baby has limited eyesight. Keep the toys close to baby, so that she can observe their shapes and colour contrasts. To create a comfortable, cozy environment, set the seat to the most reclined position and close the arches.

3-6 months
Baby can now enjoy the bouncer in full. Encourage him to reach out and pull the star dangling from the crab and enjoy the musical tune