Sterntaler Colourful Puppet Theatre

Playing with puppets is a fun and educational activity allowing children to role play with the various puppets. 

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€ 34.95

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 Let them retell their favourite stories from traditional fairytales to their own imaginative storytime. Where better to put on the show but their own free-standing Puppet Theatre complete with curtains. Combine with some hand puppets and you provide hours of fun entertainment. No electronics, no mobile phones, just sheer imagination and playful storytelling.

  • Puppet theatre with a frame
  • Promote creativity, imagination, social skills and coordination
  • Classic theatre tent design with red curtains
  • Sturdy frame and base so theatre stands up independently
  • High-quality material: 100 % Polyester, Easy-care: Hand-washable
  • Contents: 1 Sterntaler Hand Puppet Theatre, Dimensions: 149 x 68 x 0.5 cm, Colour: Multicoloured
  • Age 3yrs+