Baby Elegance Night Night -Bedside Crib


The Baby elegance Night Night bedside crib is designed as a stand alone crib or as a co-sleeper next to your bed. As a co-sleeper it attaches easily to your bed with quick release straps and drop-down side. Perfect when you’re Breast feeding and keeping baby close for their first 6 months.

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€ 120.00

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The Baby Elegance Night Night Bedside Crib has been designed to help you develop that special bond with your little one allowing them to sleep close to you for the first six months at your side, but not in your bed. Having them sleep next to you makes it convenient to breastfeed, keep a close watch and offer them support through ought the night .


  • Suitable as a stand alone crib or a co-sleeper
  • Mesh window for ventilation and full visibility
  • Comfortable and breathable anti-allergy mattress
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Carry bag for easy transformation
  • Perfect for having your baby next to me
  • Suitable up to 6 months.

Drop sideThe adjustable drop side allows you to use the Night Night as a co sleeper. When the side is up it can be used as a normal crib throughout the house for nap times or transition into babies own room.

Wooden finishThe modern wood-look finish on the Nigh Night crib adds a bit of style to what can sometimes be less attractive looking in the home. Soft greys coincided with the beach wood look create a neutral but stylish piece.

Hidden wheels -The Night Night has hidden wheels on both sides allowing you to easily move around the house. Simply tilt the crib and the wheels engage. Once you lower the crib again the crib is fixed.

Super Soft Lining -The Lining of the Night Night is created using a super soft peach skin fabric for your little one to touch as they move around. The mattress also has a removable and washable cover.