Taggies Patches Pig Character Blanket

Patches Pig

Patches Pig is the latest barnyard friend to join Taggies, and has become a gender neutral favorite.  This character shows off it’s colorful Taggies ribbons beautifully. Introduced last year, Patches has earned a steady following of Barnyard fans, farm friends always make popular baby gifts!

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The Taggies Patches Pig character blanket has a cute little Pig that peaks from the top of this colorful satin lined blanket. The Taggies Patches Pig character blanket is a colourful comfort blanket that is full of the popular Taggies satin looped ribbons that babies and kids love to rub.

The Taggies Patches Pig character blanket is 14 inches square the perfect size for your baby to take anywhere with a complete satin under side.


  • Patches Pig character blanket
  • Cute colourful blanket
  • 23 popular satin looped ribbons
  • Size: 14 inches square
  • Perfect size for baby to hold.
  • Machine washable